1. Maria __________ her boyfriend to her parents.

2. Maria's boyfriend has a _______ of tattoos.

3. Maria’s father doesn’t like tattoos. He doesn't like Maria's ____________.

4. Maria's boyfriend leaves. Maria and her father _________.

5. Maria's father is a doctor. He works at a ___________.

6. Maria's father works with a __________, fun-loving nurse. The patients at the hospital really like this nurse.

7. _________ father likes the nurse, too.

8. At home, Maria is sad. She ___________ talk to her father.

9. At the hospital, the nurse sees an ink ____________ on the doctor’s white jacket.

10. The nurse has an idea. He takes out his cell phone and __________ a pen for the doctor.

11. A couple of days later, Maria calls her boyfriend and __________ him to dinner.

12. Maria's boyfriend comes to her house. He is ___________. He gives Maria's father a present.