1. A gopher is _________ than a hamster.

2. Gophers have shorter tails ________ rats and mice.

3. They have small ears that don’t stick _______ from their head and large front teeth.

4. They have whiskers that help them move __________ and gauge the width of their tunnels.

5. Gophers also have keen _________ of smell and hearing, but poor eyesight.

6. Gophers _________ leave their tunnels. They spend most of their time underground.

7. Gophers usually _________ eat daffodils, onion or garlic plants, so you’re safe planting as many of those as you want.

8. A gopher’s number one ________ are barn owls.

9. A small family of barn ________ can eat up to 1000 gophers a year.

10. ____________ barn owls to live in or near your yard by installing owl boxes.