1. Dr. Franzblau: So, I ______________ you're thinking of having a baby? Well, I see you're nine months pregnant. That's a good start. How you doing with your contractions?

2. Lydia: Look, look at your man, Ewing. Nice shot. You know what, he couldn't ________ water if he was standing on a boat.

3. Chandler: When we're 40, if ___________ of us are married, what do you say you and I get together and have one?

4. Lydia: I don't care if it is his kid, the guy's a jerk. No, I'm not __________. Joey's here.

5. Joey: Hi, yeah, it's me. Oh, no no no, we're just friends. Yeah, I'm single. 25. An _________. Hello?

6. Joey: Yeah, so, uh, so, uh, what's the _________ with this father guy? I mean, if someone was havin' my baby somewhere, I'd wanna know about it, you know?

7. Lydia: Hey, Knick fan, am I interested in your ___________ on fatherhood? Uh, no.

8. Nurse: It's just her water _____________. Calm down, will you?

9. Phoebe: Don't make me do this again, I don't like my _________ like this.