1. Do you really want a ________ with Popular Mechanics?

2. Hey, look, you guys, I'm going for anything here, OK? I cannot be a waitress __________, I mean it. I'm sick of the lousy tips, I'm sick of being called 'Excuse me...'

3. Rach, did you ______________ these?

4. Rachel: Uh... yeah, why?
Ross: Uh, nothing, I'm sure they'll be _________________ with your excellent 'compuper' skills.

5. Oh my God! Oh, do you think it's on all of _________?

6. Ah no, I'm sure the Xerox ___________ caught a few.

7. So basically, you get your ya-yas by ___________ money from all of your friends.

8. Yes, and I get my ya-yas from Ikea. You have to put them together ____________, but they cost a little less.

9. Look, Rach, this is __________. I play to win, alright?

10. In order for me to win, other people have to __________.