__________ just a little bit caught in the middle, Life is a maze and love is a riddle

I __________ know where to go

I _________ do it alone

____________ tried

And I _________ know why

Slow it down, Make it stop, Or else my heart is going to pop, 'Cause _________ too much

Yeah, _________ a lot

To be something _________ not

_________ a fool

Out of love, 'Cause I just __________ get enough

(chorus) I'm just a little girl lost in the moment, I'm so ___________ but I don't show it

I can't figure it __________

It's bringing me down I __________

I've got to let it go, And just __________ the show

The sun is hot, In the _________

Just like a giant spotlight, The people follow the sign, And synchronize in time, It's a ___________

Nobody knows, ____________ got a ticket to that show, Yeah