1. Beginning in March, the US Census Bureau will invite households across the country to ____________ in the 2020 Census.

2. To be sure the government represents the people, the US constitution ____________ a population count every ten years.

3. Leaders use the ____________ to make decisions.

4. Your response helps guide planning for the future of our ____________.

5. The 2020 Census will help inform decisions on how billions of dollars are allocated annually for ____________ public services like roads, schools, hospitals and health care and hundreds of other programs.

6. The census asks a few simple questions, like, how many people live in your home on April 1st, including their age and ____________, and if there are any children living there.

7. All census responses are completely confidential and your personal information cannot be shared with any law ____________ agencies.

8. Whether your family has participated for ____________, or the 2020 Census will be your first, we all have a role in shaping the future of our country.