Oh holy night, ________ are brightly shining
the steers
the stores
the stars

It is the night of our __________ birth
dear Saviour's
dear savant's
dear savour's

Long lay the world in sin and ________ pining

Til He appeared and the soul felt _________
its word
its world
its worth

A thrill of hope __________ rejoices
the weary world
the wide world
the weird world

For yonder breaks a new and _________
glorious morn
Gloria's morn
glamourous morn

Fall __________
on your nose
on your knees
on your neck

REFRAIN: O hear the angel voices. O night Divine. O night when Christ was born. O night Divine. O night. O night Divine.

And in his name, _________ shall cease

Sweet hymns of joy, in __________ raise we
in grateful chorus
in grateful carols
in grateful caress

Let all within us ________ his holy name

Christ is ________
the Word
the Lord
the Bard

Their name forever _______
raise we
praise we
appraise we

REFRAIN: Noel, Noel, O night. O night Divine. Noel. Noel. O night. O night Divine. Noel. Noel. O night. O night Divine