1. Who is the Human Resource Manager in the conversation?
a.) Susan Thompson
b.) Mary Hansen

2. What job is Mary applying for?
a.) a kitchen job
b.) a trainer job
c.) a human resources job

3. How does Mary describe herself?
a.) an experienced cook
b.) hardworking and organized

4. At her previous job, Mary was a ____________.
a.) trainer
b.) manager
c.) cook

5. What did Mary's last company give her a certificate for?
a.) coming to work on time
b.) her positive attitude

6. Why did Mary take an English class?
a.) to improve her writing skills
b.) to improve her speaking skills
c.) to improve her listening skills

7. Why did Mary leave her last job?
a.) She was fired.
b.) She needed to work days.
c.) It was a part-time job and she needed to work full-time.

8. What hours can Mary work?
a.) from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
b.) She can work at night -- the graveyard shift.

9. Will Mary need a lot of training?
a.) Yes, she will take a class about food and kitchen safety.
b.) No, not a lot. Most people learn the job in one day.

10. How does Susan plan to contact Mary about the job?
a.) email
b.) phone call
c.) text message