Choose the correct answer, a or b.

1. How much are the shoes?
a.) The shoes are $45.50.
b.) The shoes are $55.50.

2. How much is the bottle of water?
a.) The bottle of water is $1.99.
b.) The bottle of water is $1.90.

3. How much are the earrings?
a.) The earrings are $16.50.
b.) a.) The earrings are $17.50.

4. How much is the TV?
a.) The TV is $2000.
b.) The TV is $200.

5. How much does the car cost?
a.) The car costs $35,000.
b.) The car costs $3500.

6. How much does the pencil cost?
a.) A pencil costs $1.57.
b.) A pencil costs $157.

7. How much does the house cost?
a.) The house costs $500,000.
b.) The house costs $500.00.

8. How much does the donut cost?
a.) The donut costs $1.99.
b.) The donut costs $1.19.

9. How much do the eggs cost?
a.) The eggs are $5.99.
b.) The eggs are $599.

10. How much does the volleyball cost?
a.) The volleyball costs $25.
b.) The volleyball costs $35.

11. How much does the puppy cost?
a.) The puppy costs $1000.
b.) The puppy costs $100.

12. How much is the necklace?
a.) The necklace is $50.
b.) The necklace is $15.

13. How much does the jacket cost?
a.) The jacket costs $45.49.
b.) The jacket costs $49.45.

14. How much does the iPhone cost?
a.) The iphone costs $400.
b.) The iphone costs $500.

15. How much does the card cost?
a.) The card costs $4.50.
b.) The card costs $9.50.