1. What time does Marianna usually wake up?
a.) She wakes up early.
b.) She wakes up at eight o'clock.

2. What does she do in the morning?
a.) She goes to the gym.
b.) She does some yoga and has breakfast.

3. What does she usually have for breakfast?
a.) She usually has a cup of tea and some toast.
b.) She usually has some coffee and an avocado toast.

4. What time does she finish work?
a.) at 9:30 PM
b.) at 2:00 PM

5. Where does she have lunch?
a.) She always goes to an Italian restaurant.
b.) She usually goes to a cafeteria.

6. What time does she go to the University?
a.) 2:30
b.) 3:30
c.) 4:30

7. What does she do after school?
a.) After school, she goes home and watches a movie.
b.) After school, she usually goes to the gym or hangs out with friends.

8. What time does she fall asleep?
a.) She falls asleep at 12:00 AM.
b.) She falls asleep at sunset.