1. Where do they have dinner?
a.) They have dinner at the young woman’s house.
b.) at a restaurant

2. Why does the boyfriend leave?
a.) He feels uncomfortable.
b.) He has to go to work.

3. Why do the father and daughter argue?
a.) He doesn’t like her boyfriend.
b.) He doesn't want her to get a tattoo.

4. Where does the father work?
a.) He works at a hospital.
b.) He works at a University.

5. What does the doctor think about the nurse?
a.) He thinks the nurse is funny, helpful, and caring.
b.) He thinks the nurse is lazy.

6. Why doesn’t the doctor recognize the nurse?
a.) No, he doesn’t.
b.) because the nurse is wearing gloves and a mask

7. Who is the boyfriend?
a.) He’s the friendly, fun-loving nurse that the doctor works with every day.
b.) He gives her father a present.