Complete the sentences with the correct verb form.

1. What does the boy sell?
a.) lemonade
b.) orange juice

2. Who is the elderly lady in the red sweater?
a.) She's a customer.
b.) She's the boy's aunt.

3. Why is he running?
a.) He's cold.
b.) He needs to get more ice.

4. Do the customers like warm lemonade?
a.) Yes, they do.
b.) No, they don't.

5. Who helps the boy?
a.) His neighbors help him.
b.) His father and sister help him.

6. What do they buy online?
a.) They buy a cooler.
b.) They buy a freezer.

7. Why does he sell a lot of lemonade?
a.) because the lemonade is ice-cold
b.) because everyone likes the yellow cooler

8. The boy's sister is ___________.
a.) younger
b.) helpful