Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Where is the North Pacific Garbage Patch?
a.) It's an island of trash in the Pacific Ocean.
b.) It stretches from the West Coast of North America to Japan.

2. What is marine debris?
a.) Fish, birds, and other sea animals.
b.) Marine debris is garbage, trash, or junk in the Ocean.

3. The Western Garbage Patch closest to which country?
a.) It's between Hawaii and California.
b.) It's near Japan.

4. Where is the Eastern Garbage Patch?
a.) It's between Hawaii and California.
b.) It's near Japan.

5. What is the most common kind of debris in the Pacific Garbage Patch?
a.) Fishing nets.
b.) Plastics are the most common kind of marine debris.

6. What are tiny bits of plastic called?
a.) The tiny bits of plastic are called microplastics.
b.) They are called cloudy soup.

7. What happens when sea animals eat plastic?
a.) Plastic is harmful to sea animals.
b.) If sea animals eat plastic, they can die.

8. Why is it difficult to clean up marine debris?
a.) Cleaning up marine debris not is easy.
b.) It's difficult because nets catch trash, but they also catch sea animals.

9. What do scientists say?
a.) Scientists recommend we stop throwing away so much plastic.
b.) The plastic will sink to the bottom of the ocean and become dirt.