Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Where is the Pacific Garbage Patch?
a.) It's all around the world.
b.) It's in the Pacific Ocean.

2. What is a garbage patch?
a.) a floating island of trash
b.) a large area of marine debris

3. What is marine debris?
a.) Marine debris is garbage in the ocean.
b.) Marine debris is like a large whirlpool that sucks things in.

4. What can you find in a garbage patch?
a.) both b.) and c.)
b.) plastic bags, water bottle caps, Styrofoam cups, shoes, fishing nets
c.) microplastics

5. What are microplastics?
a.) It's the type of plastic used to make water bottles.
b.) Plastics break into smaller and smaller pieces called "microplastics."

6. Why can't we scoop up all the marine debris in the ocean?
a.) Because the garbage patches are huge and always moving.
b.) Because it would take too long and cost too much money.

7. What can we do?
a.) We need to clean up the oceans forever.
b.) We can reduce, reuse, and recycle to keep trash out of the ocean.