Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What types of materials are put in landfills?
a.) everything we throw away
b.) material that we recycle

2. What does San Diego want to do before 2040?
a.) develop four more landfills
b.) reduce waste dramatically

3. Can we recycle magazines and newspapers?
a.) Yes, we can recycle magazines and newspapers.
b.) No, we can’t. We must throw those in the trash.

4. Can we recycle styrofoam?
a.) Yes, but not styrofoam peanuts.
b.) No, we can’t recycle styrofoam.

5. Can we recycle straws?
a.) Yes, we can.
b.) No, we can’t.

6. What can we do with clothing - like shirts, pants, shoes, and dresses - that we don’t want?
a.) We can donate them.
b.) We can put them in the blue bin and recycle them.