How is the aphid attacking the tomato plant?
It is sucking out the tomato plant's juices.
It is attacking the tomato chemically.
It is poisoning the tomato's leaves.

What signal does the tomato plant send?
It tells other plants that it is sick.
It tells other plants to release a repellant.
It tells other plants to change colour.

What is a herbivore?
Anything that hurts a plant.
An animal that eats a plant.
An animal that lives in the wild.

What makes tree bark a good defense?
Animals don't like its taste.
Animals can't chew it easily.
Animals can't see that colour.

'Leaves are protected by a waxy cuticle that DETERS insects and microbes.' What does DETERS mean?
keeps away

What kind of animals do spines and prickles defend against?
Larger animals.
Hairy animals.
Smaller animals.

How do stinging nettles defend itself?
The plant release a chemical that hurts animals.
They have sharp thorns that cut animals.
They release a chemical that tastes bad.

What do raphides produce?
An allergic reaction.
Small wounds.

How does a mimosa plant defend itself?
It gives an electric shock to the animal.
It turns brown.
It uses an impulse to shrink the plant.

What is true?
Animals and plants have the same kind of immune system.
Plants have a different immune system.
Plants can detect animals like koalas.

How do plants quarantine their sick cells?
They make the cell walls thicker.
They block off pores.
They kill the cells around the sick cells.

Why do many of our drugs come from plants' immune system?
They kill microbes.
They kill insects.
They kill insects and microbes.

A plant can ALERT other plants with electrical signals. What does ALERT mean?

How do wasps help the cotton plants?
They eat the caterpillars.
They lay eggs on the cotton plants.
They lay eggs in the caterpillars.

Plants may not be able to fight off PREDATORS with teeth or claws. What does predators mean?
Large animals.
An enemy that will kill them.
Other plants,