Which is not true?
A little stress can be helpful.
Too much stress can negatively affect our mental health.
Taking care of our minds is easy.

In the "Notice 3 Things" exercise, we should notice 3 things that we can:
see, hear, and read
see, smell, and touch
see, hear, and touch

What is a "motivating" activity?
something that makes us energetic to give effort
something that makes us sleepy
something that makes us understand our bodies

According to this video, which is helpful for your mental health?
watching a lot of news on TV
going for a walk outside
sleeping late

Why should we contact our friends or coworkers every day?
It relieves stress.
It teaches us how to use Zoom.
It helps us feel confident about our work.

How much time should we spend checking reliable news sources about the coronavirus?
at least 3 hours a day
no more than twice a day
never check the news

How can you do "box breathing"?
Put a box on your head and breathe slowly.
Breathe slowly for 4 minutes.
Breathe in 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, breathe out 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds.

What should we do before going to bed?
eat a meal
watch a movie on our tablet
have a warm shower

How can you do a "body scan"?
Relax your body, starting with your feet, and finishing with your head.
Relax your body, starting with your head, and finishing with your feet.
Massage your feet and head.