Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What is Nathan’s nickname?
a.) Fleetwood Mac
b.) Doggface

2. What is Nathan’s favorite drink?
a.) strawberry juice
b.) cranberry juice

3. What did Nathan do?
a.) He made a popular TikTok video.
b.) He won a competition.

4. What is Nathan doing in his video?
a.) He is skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice.
b.) He is riding in the back of his new truck!

5. What song is Nathan listening to in the video?
a.) He is listening to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.
b.) He is listening to “Good Vibes” by Idaho Falls.

6. How many people have watched Nathan’s video?
a.) More than 27 million
b.) 2.7 billion people have seen his video.

7. What happened to Nathan’s other car?
a.) His other car broke.
b.) In general, he prefers to skateboard.

8. Why did Ocean Spray give Nathan a truck?
a.) Because he won their competition, “Best TikTok Video 2020.”
b.) Because his video was so popular. They just wanted to say thank you -- and it’s good marketing.