Listen and choose the correct answer.

1. What did you have for breakfast?
a.) She had coffee.
b.) She had eggs and toast.

2. Did Miko buy anything
a.) She bought a bag.
b.) She bought a dress.

3. What did Miko do last night?
a.) She went to the movies.
b.) She watched a movie.

4. What is her favorite movie or television show?
a.) Her favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy.
b.) She doesn't have a favorite TV show.

5. Does she like to play volleyball?
a.) No, she doesn't like to play volleyball.
b) Yes, she likes to play volleyball.

6. How many days per week does she exercise?
a.) She exercises five times a week.
b. She exercises four times a week.

7. What kind of food does she like?
a.) She likes Korean food.
b.) She really likes sushi.

8. What time does she usually go to bed?
a.) She usually goes to bed around 12.
b.) She usually goes to bed around 10.

9. What’s her favorite day of the week?
a.) Her favorite days of the week are Friday and Saturday.
b.) Her favorite day of the week is Friday.

10. Who does she live with?
a.) She lives with her grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and brother.
b.) She lives with her mother, brother, and father.

11. Does she have any pets?
a.) She has four dogs and ten chickens.
b.) She has three dogs and seven chickens.