1. How many people are in his family?
a.) There are four people in his family.
b.) There are five people in his family.

2. Where do they live?
a.) They live in Santa Monica, California.
b.) They live in an apartment in San Diego.

3. What is his mom's name?
a.) His mom's name is Kristen.
b.) His mom's name is Kathrine.

4. Does his mom work at a bank?
a.) Yes, but she works from home.
b.) No, she's a stay-at-home mom.

5. What does his mom look like?
a.) She has curly blond hair.
b.) She has long brown hair and brown eyes.

6. What does his mom like to do?
a.) She likes to read and play board games.
b.) She likes to hike and swim.

7. What's his dad's name?
a.) His dad's name is Mathew.
b.) His dad's name is Aaron.

8. What does his dad do for a living?
a.) He's a videographer.
b.) He's a photographer.

9. What does his dad look like?
a.) He has red hair and wears glasses.
b.) He has a mustache and beard.

10. What does his dad like to do?
a.) He loves to go camping.
b.) He loves to surf.

11. What is his younger brother's name?
a.) His younger brother's name is Steven.
b.) His younger brother's name is Nathan.

12. How old is younger brother?
a.) He's five years old.
b.) He's seven years old.

13. What color is his younger brother's hair?
a.) It's blond.
b.) It's brown.

14. Does his younger brother have any freckles?
a.) Yes, he has a lot of freckles.
b.) No, he doesn't have any freckles.

15. What is his baby brother's name?
a.) His baby brother's name is Max.
b.) His baby brother's name is Alex.

16. How old is his baby brother?
a.) He's seven months old.
b.) He's eleven months old.

17. Is his baby brother thin?
a.) Yes, he is.
b.) No, he's chubby.

18. What does his baby brother do?
a.) He likes to play with the dog.
b.) He smiles a lot and makes them laugh.

19. What is their dog's name?
a.) Their dog's name is Pete.
b.) Their dog's name is Pit.

20. What does the dog look like?
a.) He's grey and white.
b.) He's has grey hair.

21. Is the dog nice?
a.) Yes, he's friendly.
b.) Yes, he loves to run and play.