Watch the video, read the transcript, and choose the correct answer.

1. How does Roger start his days?
a.) with a lot of energy
b.) pretty relaxed

2. What shot in tennis does Roger say is the "only shot we control. Everything else we have to react to the opponent?"
a.) an overhead shot on the backhand side
b.) the serve

3. What is Roger's signature shot?
a.) his slice, or maybe his forehand shot
b.) his two-handed backhand shot

4. What is Roger's favorite part about playing at Wimbledon?
a.) It's just a dream come true.
b.) Its history and tradition.

5. What is the most Swiss thing about Roger?
a.) He can speak several languages, Swiss-German, German, English and French.
b.) He's a chocoholic.

6. Why are the children eating strawberries and cream?
a.) It's a treat. It's what all the ball boys and ball girls do.
b.) It's tradition.

7. How many hours of tennis does Roger play every day?
a.) 2 hours every other day
b.) between 0 and 4 hours every day

8. What does Roger's mom do for a living?
a.) She's a teacher.
b.) She's a tennis coach.

9. What is Roger's advice to the kids?
a.) Dream big and go for it.
b.) Never let the ball bounce twice!

10. Spin or flat?
a.) spin
b.) flat

11. What TV show is he obsessed with at the moment?
a.) none right now, but he used to love "Prison Break"
b.) "Prison Break"

12. How many children does Roger have?
a.) at least 2
b.) 1

13. What has he learned from his kids?
a.) patience and hugging
b.) patience and snuggling

14. What was the most surprising moment in his career?
a.) winning at Wimbledon
b.) becoming world #1

15. What's his most prized memorabilia?
a.) 8 trophies, but there is always room for one more!
b.) The net of his 2009 Wimbledon final against his good friend, Andy Roddick.

16. Does Roger eat ice cream before the game?
a.) yes
b.) no

17. Which Wimbledon win was the most memorable?
a.) 2019
b.) 2003

18. What kind of music does Roger listen to before matches?
a.) Actually, he doesn't listen to music at all.
b.) relaxing music

19. What is Roger's fire and ice strategy?
a.) Play to win every point. Be laser focused, yet calm and composed.
b.) When you have butterflies in your belly, be cool and overcome the mental exhaustion.