Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. On average how many hours of sleep does Alicia get each night?
a.) 8
b.) 5

2. Does she feel more creative in the morning or at night?
a.) in the morning
b.) at night

3. How does she describe her home?
a.) loving and loud
b.) warm and crowded

4. Chopin is her favorite ______________.
a.) singer
b.) composer

5. How old was she when she wrote her first song?
a.) 11
b.) 14

6. (3:27) What was the biggest lesson Alicia learned from the women who raised her?
a.) Know what you want to say and how you want to say it. Be clear and direct.
b.) Treat people how you want to be treated.

7. Where did Alicia grow up?
a.) She grew up in a kitchen.
b.) She grew up in New York City.

8. What does Alicia collect?
a.) Disney characters
b.) gems and crystals

9. It's important to Alicia to _______________.
a.) follow the plan
b.) go with the flow

10. How does Alicia describe the music business in 2020?
a.) Closed. It's difficult to get started.
b.) Open. So many independent musicians can get involved and find an audience.

11. What is her son's name?
a.) Eric
b.) Egypt

12. What do they like to do as a family?
a.) play air hockey
b.) roller skate

13. What's the most rewarding thing as a mother?
a.) to see your children get good at something
b.) to see your children do extremely well in school

14. How does Alicia describe book writing?
a.) therapeutic, a journey
b.) vulnerable

15. What does Alicia want to teach to her kids?
a.) empathy, kindness, gratitude, and how to speak clearly
b.) that we all create our own destiny

16. Alicia's song, "If I Ain't Got You," ______________.
a.) was easy to write, but difficult to compose
b.) is a perfect example of a traditional song writing formula

17. Alicia's music is __________________.
a.) collaborative
b.) soulful