Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What does the interview ask Bill?
a.) Is there a specific moment in your life where art has really mattered to you?
b.) What would the world be like without art?

2. Where did Bill start acting?
a.) in New York
b.) in Chicago

3. What does he remember about his first experience acting?
a.) The experience was extremely depressing.
b.) He played the "bad guy" and died.

4. As he walked, _________________.
a.) he began to feel better.
b.) he began to feel worse.

5. How did he feel?
a.) He felt like he wanted to give up.
b.) He felt like he wanted to swim.

6. Bill says, "And I ended up in front of _______________."
a.) Lake Michigan
b.) the Art Institute of Chicago.

7. What was the name of the painting Bill saw?
a.) The Song Of The Rock
b.) The Song Of The Lark

8. The painting is of a young woman working in a field, and the sun is ____________ behind her.
a.) rising
b.) setting

9. Why did the painting matter to Bill?
a.) Because he has always loved this painting and it cheered him up.
b.) Because it reminded him that he gets another chance every day the sun comes up.