1.) What is the first question the interviewer asks?
a.) What's an exciting thing going on in life right now?
b.) How are you feeling right now?

2.) What does Gal drink every morning?
a.) apple juice, water and coffee & water
b.) water, coffee, and a tablespoon of vinegar

3. Where is Gal from?
a.) She's from Los Angeles.
b.) She's from Israel.

4. What's Gal's secret to fighting jet lag when she's travels?
a.) She has Shakshuka for breakfast - tomatoes, garlic, eggs and feta cheese.
b.) Water and sunshine.

5. What does "yalla" mean?
a.) Let's go. Let's do it.
b.) Cool!

6. What are Gal's favorite sports?
a.) basketball and dodgeball
b.) football and volleyball

7. What does Gal want the audience to take away from her film, "Wonder Woman 1984"?
a.) To think about it from a political point of view.
b.) To enjoy it and think about the narrative afterwards.

8. When Gal gets good news or bad news, who are the first people she calls?
a.) her brother and her husband
b.) her husband and her mother

9. What's a song she can't stop singing?
a.) ♪ If you don't wanna see me ♪
b.) Mary Poppins!

10. When does Gal feel most beautiful?
a.) When she's on vacation in Maldives.
b.) When she's rested.

11. Gal is drawn to what kind of look?
a.) blue, red, white, black, burgundy -- she likes all colors.
b.) stunning, young, cool and comfortable

12. Where did she meet her husband?
a.) at a party in a bar in Brazil
b.) at a party in the desert in Israel

13. What do Gal and her husband like to do when they're together?
a.) just hang out
b.) go to museums

14. What would her husband say is her best quality?
a.) That she is very positive.
b.) That she can be very silly.

15. What's something that her kids do that really makes her laugh?
a.) When they sing and dance.
b.) When they pretend to be serious.

16.) Would Gal rather go sky diving or scuba diving?
a.) sky diving
b.) neither

17. Is Gal and early bird or a night owl?
a.) night owl
b.) early bird

18. Prior to acting, what was Gal doing in life?
a.) She was studying law.
b.) She worked in the film industry at a production company.