Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. The doctor can't tell the baby ____________.
a.) to wait for Susan and Ross
b.) to stop pushing

2. What does Phoebe see?
a.) how to rescue them!
b.) a dark vent

3. Why does the nurse tell everybody to leave?
a.) It's not safe for the baby's fragile immune system.
b.) It's too crowded.

4. Ross says the baby is _________.
a.) huge
b.) large

5. Ross says the baby looks like ____________.
a.) Jell-o
b.) his uncle Ed

6. Susan says that she and Ross were ______________.
a.) stuck in the broom closet!
b.) talking about a name for the baby - Ben

7. Phoebe says the baby looks like ___________.
a.) Ross - the father
b.) Susan - Carol's partner

8. Monica tells baby ben that she will always have _________.
a.) fun
b.) gum