Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What are Rachel and the doctor talking about?
a.) They're talking about where he lives.
b.) They're talking about his vacation in Paris.

2. At 0:38, Joey says, "Come on, _________. You can do it!"
a.) little one
b.) Lydia

3. How old is Monica?
a.) twenty six
b.) thirty six

4. Monica tells her mom, "I'm not even thinking about babies yet." Is that true?
a.) Yes
b.) No

5. What does Lydia say about the Knicks?
a.) They're not so bad.
b.) The Knicks won by 10 points.

6. According to Ross, whose fault is it that they are stuck in the closet?
a.) He thinks it's Susan's fault.
b.) He thinks it's Phoebe's fault.

7. What happened to Phoebe's stepfather?
a.) he went to jail
b.) he died

8. Why does Phoebe think the baby is the luckiest baby in the whole world?
a.) Because it has three loving parents.
b.) Because it's parents are passionate.