Read along with the video. Chose the correct answer to the questions.

1. Where is this beach?
a.) In the center of Encinitas.
b.) In Encinitas, California.

2. Are kids allowed to play on the beach?
a.) Yes, and they can also play at the kids play area.
b.) No, they can only play at the kids play area.

3. At Moonlight beach you have to be careful because the water gets deep fast.
a.) true
b.) false

4. Are there many lifeguards?
a.) Not many, just the normal amount.
b.) Yes, there is a lifeguard station and a couple of lifeguard towers.

5. During the summer, the beach is ___________.
a.) crowded
b.) a little cooler than the city

6. Stone Steps Beach is __________ of Moonlight.
a.) north
b.) south

7. People come to the volleyball courts to ______________.
a.) draw
b.) play volleyball

8. Where can surfers surf?
a.) Moonlight, D Street, and Stone Steps
b.) outside of the swimming-only zone