Listen and choose the correct answer.

1. First we mix water, ________________.
a.) dish detergent AND vinegar
b.) dish detergent OR vinegar

2. Why should wring out the sponge?
a.) If the sponge is too wet, water will drip down the wall.
b.) To clean the sponge.

3. A drippy sponge will _______________ your walls with lines of dripping water.
mess up
mess down
make a mess

4. Can I use this mixture with all kinds of latex paint?
a.) Yes
b.) No, only flat, semi-gloss, and gloss

5. I use the sponge to _________________ the dirt.
wipe out
wipe off

6. After I wipe the walls, I need to ____________ the sponge.
a.) wring out
b.) rinse

7. Before cleaning around electrical outlets, we might want to ______________ the electricity.
a.) turn on
b.) turn off

8. If I clean an electrical outlet with a wet sponge, what might happen?
a.) I might mess up the wall with dripping lines.
b.) I might get shocked.

9. If I wipe the walls with a sponge and this mixture, most marks should ______________.
a.) come up
b.) come off

10. Do I have to repaint?
a.) Yes, if there are dripping lines.
b.) Yes, if you get shocked you have to repaint.
c.) Yes, if dirt, stains and marks don't come off with water and soap or water and vinegar, you'll have to repaint.