Hey! Click TRANSCRIPT and watch once while reading the transcript. Then watch again and answer the questions below.

1. What non-work-related thing is Priyanka most excited about?
a.) taking the long drive home from the airport and letting the wind flirt with her hair
b.) sleep!

2. What misconception do Americans have about India?
a.) That they all have arranged marriages.
b.) That they party so much.

3. What does Priyanka want to say to everyone in India at this moment?
a.) Lion King, always Lion King
b.) I love you

4. What's the scariest thing Priyanka has done?
a.) gone skydiving
b.) eaten worms

5. Who is the living woman Priyanka admires the most?
a.) Michelle Obama
b.) Mother Teresa

6. What does she like on her pizza?
a.) pepperoni and pimento
b.) pepperoni and jalapeno

7. What's the most romantic thing a guy can do for a girl?
a.) buy her chocolates and flowers
b.) surprise her

8. Where does Priyanka's father live?
a.) in India
b.) he passed away

9. How does Priyanka describe her style?
a.) positive, creative
b.) comfort chic

10. What would Priyanka say to Tupac Shakur?
a.) Yes!
b.) Will you marry me?

11. If she weren't an actress, what would Priyanka like to do for living?
a.) She'd be Bond, James Bond.
b.) She'd be an engineer at NASA.

12. What's one thing she hopes no one will be talking about next year?
a.) Donald Trump's tweets
b.) The dress that she wore to the Met Gala

13. Who is Priyanka's shero? (shero = a female hero)
a.) Queen Elizabeth
b.) her mom

14. What would she want question number 74 to be?
a.) Are you hungry?
b.) Would you like some lunch?