Watch the video and answer the questions

How is Justin doing?
He's doing poorly
He's doing very well
He's doing OK

Where is he?
He's in Canada
He's in Paris
He's in St Jean

When will he go back to Canada?
He doesn't know
He'll go next week
He'll never go back

Justin enjoys...
the snow
the city
the mountains

He wants to talk about...
a holiday in Canada
summer in canada
His summer holiday

What do people celebrate on Canada day?
Canadian elections
Canadian indepedence
Canada's birthday

When is Canada day?
July 14th
July 1st
July 4th

How old is Canada?
53 years old
100 years old
153 years old

When was Canada created?
in 1607
in 1816
in 1867

What does the painting show us?
the politicians who created Canada
the politicians who started the war
the politicians elected this year

How do Canadians celebrate Canada day?
they enjoy having barbs and cues
they enjoy halves
they enjoy having barbecues and picnics

How do Canadians celebrate Canada day?
they enjoy watches and fires
they enjoy bonfires
they enjoy watching fireworks

How do Canadians celebrate Canada day?
They enjoy going to parades and concerts
they enjoy going to pay raids and desserts
they enjoy going to Paris and deserts

Canada day concerts and parades celebrate...
the cultures of immigrants and indigenous people
the cultures in grants and in genious
the cultures in general of people

How do people dress=what clothes do people wear on Canada day?
What an andread clothes
colored clothes
White and red clothes

Who is the prime minister of Canada?
Justin Trudeau
Justin Steinburg
Justin Bieber

What does Justin say at the end?
thanks for all, tackle care
thanks for lists and ink, take care
thanks for listening, take care