Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. How many months pregnant is Carol?
a.) She's eight months pregnant.
b.) She's nine months pregnant.

2. What does Monica want?
a.) a baby
b.) lunch

3. Joey and Lydia _________________________.
a.) are dating
b.) are both basketball fans

4. Monica would like to ______________ before she's 40 years old.
a.) have twins
b.) get married

5. What does Joey do for a living?
a.) He's an actor.
b.) He's a basketball coach.

6. Why does Carol tell Ross and Susan to leave?
a.) The baby is coming!
b.) Ross and Susan won't stop fighting and arguing.

7. The nurse tells Joey to __________________.
a.) calm down
b.) get a towel

8. What does Phoebe want?
a.) She wants Ross and Susan to be friends.
b.) She wants Ross and Susan to stop yelling.