Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Monica says that Ross _________________________.
a.) can be really competitive
b.) is really good at poker

2. Where did Rachel get an interview?
a.) She got an interview to buy clothes.
b.) She got an interview at Sak's Fifth Avenue.

3. Who is Alice?
a.) Monica's friend
b.) Monica's aunt

4. Does Alice like Phoebe's earrings?
a.) Yes
b.) Not sure...

5. How long was Rachel's interview?
a.) about 30 minutes
b.) two and half hours

6. Did the girls win?
a.) Phoebe won, but Rachel and Monica lost.
b.) No, they all lost

7. How much does Rachel owe?
a.) She owes $7.50.
b.) She owes $15.
c.) She owes $10.