Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What word did Rachel misspell?
a.) Popular Mechanics
b.) proofread
c.) computer

2. Why don't Ross, Chandler, and Joey play poker with any women?
a.) Because only guys play poker.
b.) Because they don't know any women who know how to play poker.

3. Do Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe know how to play poker?
a.) Yes, of course!
b.) No, but they want to learn how to play it.

4. Are the girls good at poker?
a.) No, not really.
b.) Yes, but tonight they lost. Usually they win.

5. Why is Phoebe upset? Why does she say that Joey was lying?
a.) Because he cheated.
b.) Because he was bluffing and tricked her.

6. Do Monica, Phoebe and Rachel want to play again?
a.) Yes, they all want a rematch.
b.) No, Phoebe doesn't want to play again.

7. When Ross plays poker, _______________________.
a.) he plays to win
b.) he helps his friends when they have questions