Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What kind of apartment is this?
a.) It's a studio apartment.
b.) It's a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.

2. Does the unit have AC (Air Conditioning)?
a.) Yes, it does.
b.) No, it doesn't, but it has a ceiling fan.

3. Is the living area sunny?
a.) Yes, there is plenty of sunlight.
b.) No, it's not.

4. Is there a laundry room?
a.) Yes
b.) No, but there is a washing machine and dryer stacked in a closet.

5. Is the walk-in closet large?
a.) Yes, it's very large.
b.) No, not really.

6. Is there a bedroom?
a.) Yes, but she didn't show it to us.
b.) No, there aren't any bedrooms. This is a studio apartment.