Listen and choose the correct answer.

1. Ryan and Miko are going to IN-N-OUT to buy ___________.
a.) breakfast
b.) lunch
c.) dinner

2. Miko orders ______________.
a.) a cheeseburger
b.) a hamburger

3. Does Miko want everything on her burger?
a.) Yes, she wants it animal style.
b.) No, she doesn't want tomatoes or onions.

4. What does Ryan order?
a.) A double-double with onions and pickles.
b.) Two cheeseburgers with onions and pickles.

5. What does Miko order to drink?
a.) a chocolate shake
b.) water

6. What does Ryan order to drink?
a.) a chocolate shake
b.) a vanilla shake

7. What kind of french fries does Miko get?
a.) regular french fries
b.) animal style fries

8. Do they want the burgers in a bag or a box?
a.) a box
b.) a bag

9. How much does it cost?
a.) $13.56
b.) $16.86