Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What are they talking about at the beginning of the video?
a.) parents
b.) professionals

2. Where does Joey go?
a.) He goes to the bathroom.
b.) He goes outside.

3. Phoebe has a _________________.
a.) twin sister
b.) twin brother

4. Are Phoebe and her sister close?
a.) No, they don't get along very well.
b.) Yes, but they sometimes argue.

5. Who did Chandler grow up with?
a.) No one. He's an only child.
b.) His step-brother.

6. Where is Rachel going tomorrow?
a.) She's going to return her engagement ring to Barry.
b.) She's going to work.

7. Where is Ross going to go tomorrow?
a.) He's going to meet Carol and Susan at the OB/GYN.
b.) He's going to go help Rachel.

8. How long have Rachel and Ross known each other?
a.) Not long. Only a few weeks.
b.) They've known each other since high school.