Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Choosing the baby's name is ________________.
a.) a family tradition
b.) an important decision

2. If the baby is a girl, they would like to name her ____________.
a.) Mindy
b.) Minnie

3. Who would the baby be named after?
a.) after Carol's grandma
b.) after Carol's grandpa

4. If it's a girl, what does Ross want to name the baby?
a.) Julia
b.) Juliet

5. When Rachel visits her ex-fiancé, he tells her some surprising news. What is it?
a.) He married her friend.
b.) He's now dating her friend.

6. What does she give back to Barry?
a.) Her wedding ring.
b.) Her engagement ring.

7. Ross is going to leave, but then ____________.
a.) the doctor comes in
b.) he hears the baby's heartbeat