Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Did Rachel get a job?
a.) Yes
b.) No

2. How many job interviews did she have?
a.) 2
b.) 12

3. Were Rachel's boots on sale?
a.) Yes, they were 15% off.
b.) Yes, they were 50% off.

4. How did she pay for the boots?
a.) She paid for them with her credit card.
b.) She paid for them with her debit card.

5. What happened to Phoebe's mom?
a.) She committed suicide
b.) She went to prison

6. Why does Rachel cut up her credit cards?
a.) She doesn't want to live off her parents anymore.
b.) She owes too much money!

7. What does Ross tell Rachel?
a.) Back in high school, he had a crush on her.
b.) Back in high school, he was in love with her.