Read the transcript, watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What is the 2020 Census?
a.) It's a count of all people -- both citizens and non-citizens -- living in the United States.
b.) It's a population count of U.S. citizens only.

2.) When is the census? When will we receive the invitation to participate?
a.) In March, homes across the country will begin receiving invitations to complete the 2020 Census.
b.) On April 1st

3. How often is the census taken in the U.S.?
a.) Every ten years
b.) It takes about 10 minutes

4. Why is the census important?
a.) The location and funding of schools, roads, job training centers, services for the elderly, hospitals, childcare centers, neighborhood improvements, and more are all determined by census data.
b.) The 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives are determined based on population data from the census. States with larger populations get more representatives.
c.) Both a and b are correct.

5. What is the fastest and best way to take the census?
a.) In person
b.) Online, by phone, or by mail

6. What kinds of questions are asked?
a.) Where do you work? Do you drive to work or take the bus?
b.) What is the number of people living or staying at your home on April 1, 2020? How many are male? How many are female? How old are they?

7. Is personal information shared with any law enforcement agencies?
a.) Yes
b.) No