Complete the sentences below using the simple past or past continuous verb tense.

1. One day an old man and his wife _________________ to an appointment.
a.) was driving
b.) were driving

2. His wife ________________ a bouquet of red roses on her lap.
a.) was holding
b.) were holding

3. They _____________ at a red light, and saw a young couple arguing in the car next to them.
a.) stopped
b.) were stopping

4. There _________ a little girl in the back seat. She _______________ afraid.
a.) was being / was looking
b.) was / looked

5. The old man ______________ to cheer her up.
a.) was trying
b.) tried

6. Suddenly a boy _______________ to the old man’s car and asked for some food.
a.) was coming
b.) came

7. The old man _______________ the boy some food.
a.) gave
b.) was giving

8. The young couple ________________ to argue.
a.) continued
b.) were continuing

9. The old man _____________ the boy to take the red roses to the young couple.
a.) asked
b.) was asking

10. The boy _______________ the flowers to the young couple and they _____________ arguing.
a.) was giving / were stopping
b.) gave / stopped

11. The little girl _______________.
a.) smiled
b.) was looking happy

12. The light _______________ green.
a.) turned
b.) was turning