Complete the sentences below using the simple past or past continuous verb tense.

1. Once there was a boy who ________ a lemonade stand.
a.) was having
b.) had

2. He __________ lemonade to his neighbors.
a.) bought
b.) sold

3. The boy had a big problem. His ice _____________.
a.) spilled
b.) melted

4. He ran home and __________ more ice.
a.) got
b.) was getting

5. While he _________________ back to his lemonade stand, he tripped and __________ and ____________ the ice.
a.) ran / was falling / spilled
b.) was running / fell / was spilling
c.) was running / fell / spilled

6. He was too late. His neighbors ________________ home.
a.) was walking
b.) were walking

7. The boy ______________ about his big problem.
a.) thought
b.) think

8. The boy’s older sister _____________ to help.
a.) was wanting
b.) wanted

9. She ____________ him a present.
a.) was buying
b.) bought

10. She bought him a cooler. It was perfect! Now his ice __________________!
a.) didn't spill
b.) didn't melt

11. His neighbors ___________ very happy. He sold a lot of lemonade!
a.) was
b.) were

12. His sister _________ very helpful.
a.) was
b.) were