Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Where are they?
a.) They're at an airport.
b.) They're at a train station.

2. Who is Rachel waiting for?
a.) She's waiting for Ross.
b.) She's waiting for her friends.

3. What does Rachel have?
a.) She has flowers.
b.) She has embarrassed.

4. Where was Ross?
a.) He was in Germany.
b.) He was in China.

5. Why is Rachel surprised?
a.) Because Ross is with another woman.
b.) Because she fell.

6. What is the woman's name?
a.) Her name is Julie.
b.) Her name is Jenny.

7. Rachel says the flowers ___________ for Julie.
a.) are
b.) aren't

8. Where is Julie from?
a.) She's from China.
b.) She's from New York.

9. Who got hurt?
a.) Rachel
b.) Julie
c.) Ross