Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Why did Michael go to Finland to talk to the Minister of Education? What did he want to know?
a.) He wanted to know about the health and nutrition programs in their schools.
b.) He wanted to learn about Finland's successful public education system.

2. Krista says that kids don't have homework. How much homework do the high school students usually have?
a.) an hour to an hour and a half of homework
b.) less than a half hour of homework

3. High School Principle, Pasi Majasaari, says "homework," is _______________.
a.) a worksheet
b.) obsolete

4. Why not do homework?
a.) Kids have a lot of things to do, like spend time with family and friends, play sports and music.
b.) Most kids in Finland have chores to do after school, like clean their room, vacuum the house, do dishes, or if they're old enough, they find a job.

5. According to Leena, if students constantly work work work, the brain _________________.
a.) stops learning and needs to relax
b.) forgets how to play and be curious

6.) What is probably the biggest difference between the Finnish education system and the U.S. education system?
a.) Finnish students can speak multiple languages.
b.) There are no mandated standardized tests in Finland.
c.) Teachers want their students to be happy.

7.) Michael says subjects like civics, art, music, and poetry aren't being taught because ______________.
a.) Those subjects aren't on the standardized test, so school don't teach them.
b.) Those subjects are obsolete.

8. True or False? One similarity between the education system in Finland and the U.S. is that there are many different kinds of schools - charter, private, public.
a.) True
b.) False

9. High School students in Finland ____________.
a.) don't need to get a hall pass to go the bathroom
b.) are treated like adults
c.) both a and b

10. Pasi Sahlburg says that many of the things that have made Finland perform well in education are ____________________.
a.) initially American ideas
b.) very different from the rest of the world

11. What does school principle Leena Liusvaara want the children to do?
a.) She wants them to play - create, explore, be curious and try new things.
b.) She wants them to have more time to relax and play on their phones.