Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What did the boy receive in the mail?
a.) A Native American talisman
b.) A bow and arrow

2. What happened to the boy when he fell out of the tree?
a.) He hurt his back.
b.) Nothing. He was fine.

3. Who sat next to him on the bus?
a.) No one sat next to him.
b.) A girl sat next to him.

4. What did he do in class?
a.) He did his school work.
b.) He threw a paper ball.

5. Why did the three bullies run away from the boy?
a.) The talisman is magic. It has special powers.
b.) The old man scared them away.

6. What did the boy make with his mother?
a.) He helped her make dinner.
b.) He helped her make cookies.

7. What did the boy buy with his father?
a.) They bought some candy.
b.) They bought a Christmas tree.

8. What did the boy give the old man?
a.) The boy gave the old man some money.
b.) The boy gave the old man his talisman.