Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. Do the man (Jim) and woman (Lauren) know each other?
a.) Yes, they seem to be friends.
b.) No, seems like this is a first date.

2. What's your first impression of Jim?
a.) He seems like a nice guy.
b.) He seems like a selfish jerk.

3. What does Lauren do for a living?
a.) She helps people organize their closets.
b.) She helps people manage their time better.

4. Do Jim and Lauren date often?
a.) Jim, does. Lauren doesn't.
b.) No, neither of them date often.

5. What happened to Jim's wife?
a.) She divorced him.
b.) She died.

6. What happened to Lauren's husband?
a.) He shot himself.
b.) She doesn't say.

7. Jim says he has to leave immediately because there's an avalanche in his backyard. Do you think that's true?
a.) Yes, it's an emergency.
b.) No, he just wants to leave.