How does the male scientist feel when he is in the Amazon rainforest?
Like he is in the Sistine Chapel.
Like he is at a rock concert.
Like he is in an art gallery.

"Home to one in _______ species on earth, the Amazon is the richest forest in the world."
One hundred

"It's far more than simply a collection of trees and amazing wildlife. It's doing _________ for the whole world!"

What is the highest estimated amount of deforestation mentioned in the video?
22 thousand square kilometers
25 thousand square kilometers
30 thousand square kilometers

"Rainforests around the world capture something like 5 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide." What things are emiting this carbon dioxide?
Planes and ships
Cars, trains and buses
Both A and B

According to the video, how large is the Amazon rainforest?
Shorter than Europe
Larger than Europe
About the same size as Europe

The physical structure of a tree is mostly made up of _________.
Things in the air
Things in the soil
Things in the water

What nickname does one of the scientists give to the Amazon rainforest in the video?
Tarzan's jungle
Cathedral of life
Wealthiest place in the world