Listen to the song and choose the word you hear.

1. ________ trees of green, red roses too
a.) I ski
b.) I see

2. I see them bloom, for _____________
a.) me and you
b.) my and your

3. And _________ to myself, what a wonderful world.
a.) I think
b.) I sink

4. I see ________ of blue and clouds of white
a.) eyes
b.) skies

5. The bright blessed days, the dark sacred ________
a.) nights
b.) lights

6. And I think to myself, what a ________ world
a.) colorful
b.) wonderful

7. The colors of the rainbow, so _________ in the sky
a.) pretty
b.) windy

8. Are also on the __________ of people going by
a.) faces
b.) races

9. I see ___________ shaking hands saying, “How do you do?”
a.) men
b.) friends

10. They're really saying,”________________.”
a.) I like you
b.) I love you

11. _________ babies crying, I watch them grow
a.) I fear
b.) I hear

12. They'll _____ much more than I'll ever know
a.) learn
b.) earn