1. Don't go _______________ to try and please me
a.) Jane
b.) changing

2. You never _______________ before
a.) set me down
b.) let me down

3. Don't imagine _______________ familiar
a.) you're too
b.) your two

4. And I don't see you ___________
a.) anymore
b.) anywhere

5. I wouldn't leave you ______________________________
a.) in piles of rubble
b.) in times of trouble

6. We never could have ______________
a.) come this far
b.) come so far

7. I took the good times; ____________ the bad times
a.) I take
b.) I'll take

8. I take you _______ the way you are
a.) trust
b.) just

9. ___________________ some new fashion
a.) Don't go crying
b.) Don't go trying

10. Don't change _____________________
a.) the color of your hair
b.) the colors that you wear

11. You always have my _____________ passion
a.) unbroken
b.) unspoken

12. Although I ______________ seem to care
a.) may not
b.) might not

13. I don't want ____________________________
a.) clever communication
b.) clever conversation

14. I never want to ___________________
a.) work that hard
b.) work so hard

15. I _____________________ that I can talk to
a.) dust want someone
b.) just want someone

16. I want you just __________ you are
a.) the way
b.) a way

17. I need to know that ______________________
a.) you will always be
b.) you always will be

18. The same old ______________ that I knew
a.) person
b.) someone

19. What will it take till you ___________________
a.) believe me
b.) believe in me

20. The way that I believe ____________?
a.) you do
b.) in you

21. I said I love you and __________________
a.) that's forever
b.) that's whenever

22. And this I promise ____________________
a.) from the heart
b.) from the start

23. ________________ love you any better
a.) I could not
b.) I couldn't

24. I love you _________________________
a.) just way too far
b.) just the way you are