1. Where did Katie and her friends go?
a.) They went shopping.
b.) They went to the fair.

2. How many of them were there in total?
a.) There were six of them in total.
b.) There were five of them in total.

3. Why did they take an Uber?
a.) Not all of them could drive.
b.) They didn't want to have to worry about driving there and parking.

4. What time did they leave to go home?
a.) 11:15
b.) 11:30

5. Was everything OK with the Uber to begin with?
a.) Yes, everything was fine. The man was friendly and they were heading in the right direction.
b.) No, Katie's parents were very worried when she got in the car.

6. Why was Katie terrified?
a.) She was afraid that maybe she was being kidnapped.
b.) Because the driver was about 20 minutes out of the way and this was going to cost a lot more money.

7. Was Katie in touch with her parents?
a.) No, they weren't in the car.
b.) Yes, they were texting each other non-stop