1. Who is the millennial?
a.) Amy
b.) the interviewer

2. Does the interviewer know how to use Facebook?
a.) Yes, probably
b.) No, probably not

3. Does Amy think she can do the work?
a.) Yes, she is confident she can do the work.
b.) Yes, but she would like some on-the-job training with Siri.

4. Is Amy enthusiastic about starting at 8AM?
a.) Yes
b.) No

5. Why doesn't Amy want to start at 8 AM?
a.) Because that would interfere with her personal life.
b.) Because life is too short to work with people who aren't nice.

6. Who does Amy want to talk to?
a.) the Hiring Director
b.) the HR Director

7. Does Amy get the job?
a.) Yes, she got the job, but then she was fired.
b.) No